An auteur of sorts with an undergraduate degree from  York college  in the concentration of TV/film production and communications technology. He brings over 10 years of experience in narrative storytelling. The work is best categorized as fiction inspired by war, death, love, domestic violence, and similar. Real-life inspirations put Edwin's characters in unique situations . A background in film analysis in his tenure with IFC Films has resulted in his  attention and dedication to quality that makes him an essential part of the team. "We rely on him to create stories and look at footage with an objective point of view" is how colleagues describe Edwin. Beyond pre-production, Edwin also enjoys editing and graphic representation and is an experienced designer with image and sweet ears for scores. His latest project is connecting the storyteller in every aspect of production in interactive storytelling.



A concept designer with a varied background in arts, philosophy and design. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts diploma for Studio Art and Philosophy and a Masters in Design Studies. She teaches design thinking and design philosophy courses at an undergraduate and graduate level and is a researcher on the topic of Experiential Learning in Design Education. 

Dragana’s work is at the intersections of art, design and philosophy. She works as faculty and consultant on the topics in the variety of industries spanning from education to film.  She strives to be a curator of modern thought which will change the course of history through arts in the Balkans and further. Her latest project is a collection of experiences which tell a story of refugees as strong, resilient superheroes.



Mirela Kulovic is a painter with a background in engineering and project management studies. She holds a masters degree in industrial engineering from the University in Split, Croatia. Since 2018 she has worked on cross-disciplinary activities with the mission to foster art scenes of small towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These activities include her project Art Centar Gračanica and the most recent Annual BiH Art Forum. She is also the co-founder of organization for culture KONTRAST.


Between her numerous activities and painting practice she helps
other artists expand their project vision. Her artwork spans from paintings, drawings and text and focuses on research of individual and collective memory, trauma, and relationship between material world and human spirit. Her work has
been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions in the USA and Europe.


kulovic.mirela [at] gmail.com


IG: @mirelakulovic

LinkedIn: @mirelakulovic

FB: @kulovicmirela

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