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Paradoxx Films presents a film by Edwin Illoh

Original artwork and poster by Mirela Kulovic. Artist statement and bio below.

Memories poster final cn1 .jpg

All Rights Reserved. USA 2022

Artist Statement:

This poster I created is linked to the short fiction film Memories, however it is also the result of my exploration of broader topic, memory, and it condenses ten years of exploration of visual language and universal symbols. The color palette is reduced to black and grey. I wanted to achieve simplicity and sophistication at the same time by using a round black shape as something that generates movement of other particles (shapes) in the image, however it is not clear if these articles are entering this bigger shape or they are coming from it and moving towards the edge of the image. For me, there is the whole universe in this image. 

Kulović's practice has developed through the accumulation and reworking of themes and motifs which recur across diverse media. The language of material plays an essential role in her works. She also plays with symbols, letters and words. Since 2016 her drawings and paintings have been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions, and are held in several international collections.

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