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Dragana's Salon

Now looking for creators to join our diverse team!

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Dragana’s Salon is a space for artists to create work. The unique concept offers an opportunity for artists to work on their projects in a community of authentic thinkers with an emphasis on the process of making and constructing knowledge.

2021 Project

Theme: Refugee Superheroes


WHY: The importance of authentic stories to shape the plurality in our worldly perceptions and create compassionate pathways. We believe that compassion and resilience is achieved by inviting others to feel and relate to different lived experiences.


WHAT: Conversations, dialogues, making, creating, constructing, exhibiting


WHEN: Twice per Month. Open to everyone! 


WHERE: Remote (usually via zoom)


HOW: Through the process of co-creating and sharing in open conversation and collaboration. Building these relationships through the process of curating narratives. 


WHO: Current contributing artists: Mirela Kulovic, Edwin Illoh, and Dragana Bogavac

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The Vision of the Salon is to shed light and support artists who are able to translate their curiosity and their own vision into works of art.


The purpose of the Salon is to tap into the most common denominator in all of us to bring us closer. That common denominator is experience. When we share the experience or new knowledge from experience we create opportunities for growth and connection.


To practice is to create. Salon’s belief in the power Co-Creative generative processes is at the base of the mission and vision.


Year-end Exhibition by salon artists open for a short time and is documented for the archive.

About Dragana

A concept designer with a varied background in arts, philosophy and design. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts diploma for Studio Art and Philosophy and a Masters in Design Studies. She teaches design thinking and design philosophy courses at an undergraduate and graduate level and is a researcher on the topic of Experiential Learning in Design Education. 

Dragana’s work is at the intersections of art, design and philosophy. She works as faculty and consultant on the topics in the variety of industries spanning from education to film.  She strives to be a curator of modern thought which will change the course of history through arts in the Balkans and further. Her latest project is a collection of experiences which tell a story of refugees as strong, resilient superheroes.

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Write or call with any inquiries or interest in joining

© All photo rights reserved by Dragana Bogavac.

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