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Creative Hub
North Eastern University ISEC
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Storytelling Is Our Medium.

We create projects that tell authentic stories. Most of those projects are films, but they also include a salon for artists and an upcoming children's book. 

We believe that 1+1=3 and therefore LOVE and tend to collaborate with various types of artists on our projects. The process of creating is at the focal point of our craft pursuit. 

Early morning mist on the lakes edge.


Stories that are authentic and inspire us to share more of our own experiences. Stories that challenges the status quo and redefine the narrative.


Empathy by bringing realistic endings to our stories. 


The beauty of struggle. Real (authentic, concrete, independent)  problems = real endings = familiar context = meaningful connections = compassion


With original and unique thinkers, misfits and bold perspective. Thinkers and experts in different fields.


People and work that is interested in taking chances. People and work who expand to reach more around them. Misrepresented artist looking to explore how to effectively share their work. How to learn to work better and smarter and learn from their mistakes. 

Strive for:

Redefining what courage/struggle means. Perfecting the process of learning from working. Understanding the process and not the outcome. 

Learn From:

How other people learn. We are inspired by other people’s work and their struggle.


Another beautiful day at lynn's beach houses


Paradoxx tells authentic stories that provoke inspire, encourage and motivate people connections.

We want to create opportunities to build compassion by exploring the layers of people’s experience that makes stories feel closer and more personal or familiar.

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